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Play in Exchange City

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Design Studio Design Studio 2
Year 1

Gentrification is a serious issue that affects many urban neighbourhoods, including Whitechapel. As the area undergoes development, it is crucial to balance the need for growth with the preservation of British Bangladeshis’ cultural heritage and prevent the loss of their unique identity. In line with the ideas of Tim Gill and David Graeber, this project recognises the importance of creating more playful and interactive urban spaces that celebrate culture and history, providing opportunities for community engagement and individual experiences.

This project seeks to attract people’s attention to the gentrification agenda joyfully and meaningfully by creating a vibrant and culturally relevant urban environment that promotes playfulness and creativity. Through the implementation of key design strategies that prioritise playfulness and creativity - such as creating more community social spaces, blending traditional patterns into the urban streetscape, and sculpting the garden’s ground to provide unique recreational opportunities - this project aims to create a more inclusive and joyful urban experience that promotes a sense of community and cultural preservation.

Design Strategy, Toolkits and Allocation

View of Entrance to Exchange Park

Perspective of Whitechapel Station’s Exit 2

Site Analysis

Masterplan and Programme

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