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Reborn from Flood

Project details

Design Studio Design Studio 4
Year 1

This project is located in Canvey Island, a town in the south of Essex. Site 1 consists of the site of the southernmost flood defence system and oil refinery jetties. In addition to the problems of sedimentation and tidal erosion, limited access prevents people from visiting the banks of the Thames. By placing sediment capture devices and recycling materials of abandoned jetties, new habitats for aquatic creatures will be created. Meanwhile, a living shoreline will take the place of the old concrete seawall in Canvey Island, providing a more ecologically sustainable flood control system.

Site 2 is an old oil refinery. The topsoil here has many asphalt blocks. The main strategy is to use community involvement to make seed balls from dredged sediment and seeds from Site 1 to sow seeds and accelerate the disintegration of hard parts of the surface. The whole design process will take about 30 years to complete.

Sediment trap structures will be placed where silt naturally gathers.

Experiment with Sediment Trap Structure

Sediment trap structures will be placed where silt naturally gathers.

Seasonal Change of Riverbank

Masterplan and Main Section

Sediment Analysis

Site Analysis and Context

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