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Sydvaranger Co-operative

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Student Tao Sheng
Design Studio Design Studio 6
Year 1

In the past 100 years, the mining industry has brought great potential to the development of Norway. Crude extracted products accounted for a large proportion of export products in Norway. While bringing prosperity to mining town Kirkenes, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more serious. The wastewater and tailings left by the mining industry make it difficult for the surrounding soil to grow plants, with the tailings discharged into the strait becoming a source of water pollution. The coast suffers from mudslides due to the emission of wastewater. Although the management of tailings in the world has been improved, many disasters still occur due to instability of the tailings.

The Sydvaranger mine around Kirkenes has closed three times due to war and bankruptcy throughout history. The potential of mining will be exhausted within decades. This project seeks to repair the contaminated soil and efficiently manage the tailings through phytoremediation. It will also provide a series of landscape facilities for Kirkenes after the closure of the mining industry, and create a new form of economic operation that includes the local indigenous Sami people.

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Autumn Show 2023
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